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Male Fertility Test

Male fertility relies on the quality and quantity of the sperm; if not enough sperm are produced (or ejaculated) or the quality of the sperm is poor this may result in issues trying to conceive.

Male fertility issues can be due to poor or absent sperm count, poor sperm motility, testicular problems, genetic problems and blockage along the sperm pathway.  Male fertility issues are not uncommon with an estimated one in 20 men with a fertility issue relating to low sperm and account for approximately 1/3 of the cases where couples are unable to conceive.

Fertility issues are often invisible, presenting no symptoms as the quality and appearance of the ejaculated sperm would appear normal to the naked eye.  The only known ‘symptom’ would be lack of successful conception if trying for a baby, therefore if you are experiencing issues conceiving the male partner should also be investigated to rule out male fertility issues.

This are some common misconceptions associated with male fertility issues:

  • Lack of libido indicates male fertility issues:   No, a lack of libido is not a sign of poor sperm but may cause infertility by less sexual intercourse.
  • Abstinence improves sperm quality:  No, evidence suggests that sperm DNA may improve if long periods of abstinence are avoided

At Fertility Plus we offer a male fertility test that will help determine if there are fertility issues associated with the male partner and that nature of the specific fertility issue.  The male fertility test package includes:

  • 30 minute initial consultation with a consultant fertility specialist
  • sperm test
  • results review with consultant fertility specialist

Call 0800 022 6038 to book or email [email protected]

If required, testes ultrasound scan, hormonal blood tests, along with genetic tests from a blood sample can also be added to the male fertility test at and additional cost.

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