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Fertility Plus, the Harley Street fertility & IVF clinic led by Mr Amit Shah and Mr Anil Gudi offering personalised one-to-one fertility treatment

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A Private Fertility & IVF Clinic for Women & Couples based on Harley Street, London

Fertility Plus is a leading private fertility and IVF clinic based on Harley Street, London, dedicated to offering couples and individuals the best chance of conception in a supportive, caring and confidential environment. We believe your care is paramount and at our fertility clinic, we ensure that every patient receives personalized care throughout.

Whether it be natural or assisted conception, fertility plus clinic offer a range of fertility treatments including egg freezing, egg donation, donor sperm, IVF, IUI and other treatment options.

If you are experiencing problems with fertility please contact our fertility and IVF clinic and our team of fertility specialists will help you on your journey to becoming pregnant.

IVF Our IVF treatment is highly successful, we have treated over 800 women successfully with IVF in the last 6 years. More Embryo Screening For patients who have suffered with recurrent miscarriage, Embryo Screening offers the reassurance of egg implantation without the worry of chromosomal abnormalities. More Egg Freezing Should some women wish to preserve the chances of motherhood, egg freezing presents a viable option. More Embryo Freezing Depending on age, embryo freezing can improve success rates by up to 20%. More

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Based on 46 reviews
Dr gudi was very very professional and excellent when it came to giving care and bedside manner. He is clearly at the top of his field, and able to find simple solutions to intricate problems. He assured us he would get us pregnant and he has.
Hiten Sheth
Hiten S.
After many appointments to many private consultations for nearly a year, I was still not satisfied with any doctors providing me any treatment plan which assured me or made me trust the IVF procedure. The reason being is that through NHS, it was such torture, and I had enough stress build up, which led to the failure on both occasions. The fertility clinic was never so, but it was a hidden gem.I found out about them through Mumsnet, and Dr. Anil Gudi was a lifesaver to me. I met so many doctors within a year, but nowhere, I felt hope, trust, and confidence. Dr. Anil Gudi was such a gem of a person. He took more than the allocated time to go through nearly around 100 pages report from NHS and then patiently answered all my questions with detail explanation which I never received anywhere. He could have put me through IVF if he'd seen it as a money-making industry, but instead, he wanted the nature to play its part but under his guidance and monitoring. If that fails, then he suggested me to go for IVF. I was hesitant at first due to my age, but he convinced me, and I'm glad I trusted his approach. It worked the first time itself. We have been trying to conceive for more than ten years, and NHS left me hopeless as well. My husband and my family are truly blessed to have met Dr. Anil Gudi.I could keep writing an essay about him. He is a Doctor who is so passionate about what he does. He has the spirit of giving hope to any woman who hasn't got any hope. Very caring and almost we felt like he's part of our family. He will keep explaining to you until you are comfortable and confident with his treatment plan as a person who cares. He saved my time and effort by not choosing IVF. Today I'm three months pregnant, and he has given the joy back to my family, which we lost for more than a decade. We are 200% happy with his treatment, and please don't waste your money elsewhere on the package treatments are given.Dr. Anil Gudi will assess you and provide you the best approach suitable for your body to see success. I can't thank him enough for giving my life back.
Vinothikaa Thavabalasandran
Vinothikaa T.
I have visited few Fertility clinic's in UK. I have not come across Professional Fertility Clinic like Fertility Plus. Very welcoming friendly and very helpful Clinic. I have had positive result and I can't be any happier. Thank you so much Fertility Plus.
fidan altin
fidan A.
We went to see Dr Gudi after I was diagnosed with PCOS. At our initial appointment he explained the different types of PCOS and what happens in your body to cause issues with fertility. We had come to the appointment with a million questions and he patiently answered each and we never felt rushed. You can tell he is very passionate about fertility and his knowledge really reflects this.My husband and I really loved that Dr Gudi didn’t push us into anything and even said that he felt confident that we’d fall pregnant without having to move onto IVF. He also asked us what we wanted - to regulate my cycle or get assistance TTC. We came up with a plan and monitored my cycle and are happy to say we were lucky enough to fall pregnant! We just went in for an early scan with Dr Gudi and not only saw a heartbeat but saw 2 babies and 2 heartbeats! :) We can’t praise Dr Gudi enough - he’s a lovely man who made us feel totally comfortable and optimistic. We really recommend him to anyone experiencing fertility issues.
Raechel Strong
Raechel S.
Our journey with Dr Gudi started when we attended a lecture (with question and answer session) which he had arranged for the benefit of IVF patients about to receive treatment at Homerton hospital. The mere fact that he used his valuable time to educate and reassure patients about to embark on a very difficult journey, spoke volumes to us about his professionalism and devotion to his vocation. After a number of setbacks, both on the NHS and at another well-known clinic (where we felt like we were being experimented on), we decided to see Dr Gudi privately. This decision was the best we ever made because Dr Gudi literally changed our lives - it's a cliche but it's true. The sheer joy and happiness our little one brings us would simply be absent from our lives if it wasn't for the approach Dr Gudi adopted as part of his treatment plan: logical thinking, pragmatic problem-solving and not over-complicating things. In addition (and as touched upon in previous posts) Dr Gudi and his Team are super-caring individuals whose primary aim is to make their patients feel comfortable and relaxed. Dr Gudi has a great sense of humour and we always left his consulting room feeling warm and positive. I would also like to mention that Fertility Plus is excellent value for money, something which I believe has been overlooked in the other reviews. Fertility Plus's rates are extremely competitive when compared to other clinics, especially when you consider the platinum-standard, person-centred level of service you receive. There are no words to describe our gratitude to Dr Gudi and his Team, so I would just like to end by saying: keep up the good work doctor - your work and attitude towards solving life's problems is making a huge difference to many people's lives.
Theodoros Demetriou
Theodoros D.
A big Thanks to Doctor Gudi to give me right medication and treatment so I am able to conceive after 6 years of trying to get pregnant.
Jasmeen Khurana
Jasmeen K.
Words cannot begin to thank Dr. Gudi for what he did for us. He is a great doctor, very professional and knowledgeable and moreover made us feel very comfortable throughout the treatment. Our treatment had lot of twists & turns and he made sure every time he suggested the best approach to put us at ease both physically and mentally. He was 24x7 available to answer our queries during the treatment and even after the treatment is over he still gives us advice and reassurance on all our queries.I would recommend anyone considering IVF to make an appointment with Dr. Gudi.Thank you Dr Gudi for all your support and expertise. You’re the best!
Thanks to PGD & PGS during our treatment with Mr Gudi not only did we find the cause of our repeated IVF failure and recurrent miscarriage (rare genetic disorder on my side) but we also were able to screen our embryos for it. Sadly, it came back that none of our embryos were viable but it saved the heartbreak of transferring any embryos that on the surface were morphologically perfect but would’ve resulted in yet another heartbreaking miscarriage. Mr Gudi was the only consultant we’ve ever met to care about our treatment to the extent that he was determined to get an answer as to why our treatment didn’t work as it made no sense. He is a wonderful man and although our treatment had to stop due to my newly discovered condition, we will always be forever thankful for the love and care and closure he helped us achieve x
Johanna Courtney
Johanna C.
I would 100% recommend Dr Gudi. My experience with Dr Gudi was always very pleasant, I felt I could trust him and he did not try and sell me expensive treatment options. I felt like he cared and treated me with sensitivity, as it should when it comes to these types of situations. He only did the tests I really needed and nothing more, saving me a lot of money. Also he sorted out my treatment to be delivered at home as I was running out of pills, this while he was on holiday. Always prompt response from him directly and his team (any query was responded same day). I was treated under 4 months successfully. Me and my partner are extreamley greatfull to all his help and thank you to the staff, all lovely. Based on my experience, I would recommend Dr Gudi at Fertility Plus with confidence.
anca candet
anca C.
Fertility plus is known as the best private fertility clinic in Harley street and I totally agree. My experience at the clinic has been exceptional. I was made to feel so welcomed and at ease. After many unsuccessful IVF attempts at a NHS hospital. I was told about Dr Anil Gudi and his private clinic in Harley street. After doing my research we were really pleased with what we had read and booked a consultation with him. When meeting him we were nervous but he explained everything in great detail. He gave us the hope that we needed and told us never to give up. He was clear and we fully understood what we planned to do next. All the test that were needed were done. My treatment started. After a lot of hardwork on both parts. I finally had my big fat positive. Throughout my journey I felt Dr Gudi was with us every step of the way. His personal approach, encouragement and sheer patience made my journey easier. We would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone. We can’t thank Dr Gudi and his team enough. There are no words to describe how much he has done for us. He gave us the miracle we craved for over many years. It was definitely the best decision I made and I wish I went to him in the start. We now have our beautiful healthy baby. Thank you so much. I would not hesitate to come back when we decide to have our second child. Once again thank you for all that you have done for the both of us.
We cannot recommend Mr Gudi highly enough. Throughout our treatment he was unfailingly patient and kind, and his knowledge of IVF and related issues is clearly first class. We really felt he genuinely cared about us and was doing everything possible to get us a happy outcome- which indeed he did!
Pauline LeGoff
Pauline L.
I am so happy and grateful to Dr. Gudi. At the age of 42 and only two IVF cycles I am 10 weeks pregnant. He was very kind, caring, patient and 24 hours available on what's app for stupid questions. I have not tried other Doctors before as he has been recommended to me but I cannot imagine a better one.
Alexandra zuY
Alexandra Z.
We had a very good experience during the whole process of IVF treatment for my wife at Dr Gudi's clinic. After undergoing IVF treatment in many places before and failing, we went to this clinic as our last hope for a baby. Dr Gudi offered a very personalised service and we got positive vibes from him right from the beginning. My wife has complications, but the whole process was handled with extra care keeping us well informed about everything including costs and processes. My wife is now pregnant and we cant wait to complete our family. I highly recommend this clinic to everyone who are trying for a baby and losing hope. You will definitely find hope in this Harley Street clinic
Dilip Baishya
Dilip B.
We went to Dr. Gudi at Fertility Plus after being told by another London Clinic that we had no chance of getting our own eggs or carrying a child due to medical issues that I had. Dr. Gudi has been amazing. After a successful ivf cycle, and using our own embryos, we now have 2 beautiful twin girls. Both are doing amazing. We can not believe that our dreams really did come true and it is all down to Dr. Gudi's ethical approach, support and care at Fertility plus. We can not recommend Dr. Gudi enough. We have lots more frozen embryos and will be going back to Dr. Gudi should we choose to have another baby. Thank you Dr. Gudi for everything that you have done. You are absolutely fantastic and the best Fertility doctor we have ever met. Thank you for turning our hopes and dreams into reality. Rashida & Bina.
Rashada Ahmad
Rashada A.
Positive experience at fertility plus. Mr.Gudi is very approachable and kind.Best wishes!
aditi bhat
aditi B.
I have heard about Fertility Plus and they did not proved it my daughter in law wrong. Going around to all few different inexperience clinics and the final stop was Fertility plus. And now she is 5 weeks pregnant. Thanks to Mr Anil Gudi....
sultan kutay
sultan K.
I cannot recommend Dr Gudi and his team enough. We were lucky to have a successful pregnancy on our first attempt of ivf under Dr Gudi’s care and 2 years later we went back to use our remaining embryos and we now have twins. Dr Gudi’s personable, kind and positive manner put us at ease throughout the entire process. He offers an incredibly individualised service and always put our needs and wellbeing first. Dr Gudi helped us to achieve everything we wished for, we now have the family we always dreamt of and we are forever grateful that we were lucky enough to find him.
Jess Bagenal
Jess B.
My partner and I was suffering infertility. In 2013 we had an IVF attempt at a nhs hospital which was unsuccessful. In 2019 we decided to go private as we were still unsuccessful in our fertility journey. We got recommended to Doctor Gudi who was explained as being fertility specialist. After being a patient of Doctor Gudi I must commend him and his team on their professionalism, care and overall holistic approach to our care. This has resulted in us being pregnant in September (2019) and to date we are still pregnant; looking forward to meeting our bundle of joy in June. Thanks very much to Doctor Gudi and his team.
Anonymous Person
Anonymous P.
We were very pleased by the service from Dr Gudi and his staff. He understood our needs from the first consultation and was supportive throughout the process, regularly staying in contact via mobile between consultations. Unlike other clinics the appointments were well organised with minimal waiting time. We can’t recommend him enough.
Anonymous 1
Anonymous 1
We are very happy to have chosen Fertility Plus over other options available to us. Every meeting with Dr Gudi gave us emotional strength and the confidence that we were in the right hands. Considering my medical history, he designed a course of action and using his knowledge and experience, he tailored it during the treatment to get the best possible outcome. This process, by nature of it, needs a lot of patience, and being surrounded by world-class professionals, made this journey simpler, and reassuring. We will wholeheartedly recommend Fertility Plus and Dr. Gudi to anyone considering IVF.
Me & my husband cannot thank Mr Gudi & his team enough for making our dream come true, the care we have received has been outstanding, we have been made to feel nothing but comfortable & welcome while attending Fertility Plus. We will definitely be using this clinic again when we come back to have our other embryo transferred. After years of heartache Mr Gudi had made our dreams a reality & we will never be able to thank him enough, he truly is our hero & nothing was ever to much trouble. Thank you so much again Mr Gudi & to your team just outstanding :-)
We cannot recommend Dr Gudi enough. We had unexplained infertility and saw Dr Gudi after a previous failed frozen embryo transfer. Dr Gudi listened to us and considered our full fertility history. He identified that for us a natural frozen embryo cycle would be better. The treatment plan was personalised and we saw Dr Gudi at every appointment - he always made time for us. It took several attempts but with Dr Gudi’s care and meticulous attention to detail we were successful. Dr Gudi teaches in the area and was right up to date with the latest evidence based treatments and thinking. He did not steer us down the route of treatments that are publicised but are unverified and we were grateful for that. Throughout our treatment, Dr Gudi gave us an honest appraisal and was always incredibly positive and engaged in the way that he dealt with us. This did keep us going and we are so thankful for the standard of care we received from him.
Alice Rose
Alice R.
We would highly recommend fertility plus to any couples struggling with fertility. We met Dr Gudi 4 years ago when trying to conceive our first child. Dr Gudi was very friendly & professional, we felt very comfortable in his hands. We was not pushed into expensive treatments & Dr Gudi spent alot of time helping us understand the issues we was having with conception. We was lucky enough after 3 months to conceive, resulting in a beautiful boy. We decided to try and extend our family after our son turned 1 & unfortunately yet again required fertility assistance. We was happy to return back to Dr Gudi & his team at fertility plus. Circumstances were different & after 2 failed rounds of IVF, Dr Gudi took the opinion that IVF was not required but a less invasive IUI treatment would suit us better. Dr Gudi couldn't have been more right when after our first round of IUI we were pregnant with Twin girls, who are now 6 months, happy & healthy. Our family would not have begun, let alone be complete, if it wasn't for the friendly and experienced team at fertility plus.
lloyd brown
lloyd B.
We were trying for a baby for so long, had many failed attempts through IVF, we tried different clinics and the results the same.  We had exhausted all our funds and not to mention physical and emotional strain, we decided to see Dr Gudi, he was great, was very personal and our last attempt for a baby, we put all our trust in Dr Gudi, as this was it.Dr Gudi done a personal plan for my individual needs, from start to finish, the service, communication and care was great. At the end we had Twin boys, they are now 15 months old and a pure joy.Highly recommend Dr Gudi,
John Doe
John D.
After having fertility issues for 8 years & unsuccessful treatments with other clinics. We found Dr Anil Gudi and he has been an exeptional consultant, with the upmost personal support, care and professionalism. He provided attention to detail in his diagnosis, explained everything clearly & we were always able to get in touch via mobile for any issues & concerns. All the staff have been so friendly and always made us feel at ease. We will never forget what you all have helped us achieve. I am pleased to say we finally have a beautiful baby. MJ London
Meera Varsani
Meera V.
Fate led us to Fertility plus. We had started our 3rd IVF journey at another hospital and already done the necessary test and signed the HEFA forms and I was advised to call when ready. I was at work one day and looked up other fertility hospitals in London. I began by reading through the reviews and decided to schedule an appointment with Dr Gudi. I thought it would be a long wait but we were able to secure an appointment in a matter of days. From the very first appointment both the staff and Dr Gudi were amazing. He was able to tailor a treatment plan for us. The level of care we have received from Dr Gudi has been second to none. He would always reassure; his very positive outlook right from the beginning helped our engagement with the treatment regime. Even when I had scary side effects and sent him text messages after 10pm, he always responded! The email correspondence as well was flawless. We are extremely grateful for the level of care received from Dr Gudi and the joy he has brought into our lives. After 7 years, we are very happy to be expecting our first child! For anyone going through fertility issues and is fortunate to be able to pay for IVF, I would most highly recommend the services of Fertility Plus & Dr Gudi. Thank you and may God continue to bless and use you to bring joy to more families.
Marianne Robinson
Marianne R.
Dr. Amit Shah is a very professional, friendly and exceptionally good at his profession. He gave us incredible personalised service and made us feel as if we were the only patient he had. He made me and my husband feel very comfortable and explained everything in details. We never felt rushed and we knew we were in safe hands from the day one after meeting him. The care we received simply was outstanding.I am now 8 weeks pregnant with ICSI on our first round and I am 39 this is my first pregnancy. We only had 1 embryo left After PGS screening and we were so fortunate with Dr. Amit Shah’s kind and positive professionalism at every stage.What I loved most about Fertility clinic is their approach is unique, individual with outstanding professionalism. Dr. Amit Shah was with me in every stage of the treatment from collecting eggs to embryo transfer. You are at safe hands at fertility clinic.We can not thank him enough for all the help and support he has given us. We are forever grateful that we were lucky enough to find him. Dr. Amit Shah , Dr. Anil Gudi and his team are the best in Fertility treatment.
Kas Kasif
Kas K.
I have had this great opportunity to meet Dr Gudi at this Clinic. Dr Gudi has given me strength and hope beside clinical and medical services. His compassion and sympathy is very heart warming. With help of him and his staff me and my husband felt very comfortable and less stressed. We got great results thanks to Dr Gudi’s positive energy. I cannot thank him enough my happiness is beyond words. I don’t think I would have got this far in any other place. I really appreciate You.
Mahassa Azizbaigi
Mahassa A.
I highly recommend the care received from Dr Gudi at Fertility Plus. He offers everything you want from a clinic: evidence based practice, appointment times that fit around work and a clinician who not only cares but perseveres. Thank you Dr Gudi.
S. M.
S. M.
Dr Anil Gudi simply the best. Very experience Dr. Very welcoming, warmth and professional Dr I have met.
Ally Bayer
Ally B.
My wife and I went to see Mr Gudi when we were having issues with conceiving. Mr Gudi is a very friendly, professional Doctor who quickly diagnosed why we were having issues and gave us treatment for this. The treatment was successful and we are now very lucky to be pregnant. We would both really recommend him; we never felt rushed and the team around him are great - they will answer any questions very quickly and are all very friendly.
Will Stapley
Will S.
Mr Gudi is a genius and he knows he's job inside out. He's the best around by far. When we had the positive news we were absoultly stunned and we were over the moon. I highly reccomend him.
After over 3 years trying to conceive and two different fertility clinic we came to see Mr Gudi, three months later I got my positive.Mr Gudi is very professional and exceptionally good at his job. He made me and my partner feel very comfortable and he explained everything in detail.I can not thank him enough for all the help and support he has given us.
Katie Osborn
Katie O.
My husband and I live in France and had experienced several failed rounds of IVF and other more invasive treatments before deciding to try IVF in the UK. Despite no clear reasons for our infertility, we only had one chemical pregnancy in 5 years. Everything about Fertility Plus was straight forward and easy, despite having to travel there from France for the treatments. Dr Gudi is reassuring, positive and nothing is too much trouble. He even replies to worried text messages in the evenings and at the weekend! In a smooth round of IVF (the first we had ever experienced...) we achieved 5 good quality embryos and after implanting one embryo, a positive pregnancy test. I am now 6 months pregnant and still have to pinch myself that it is actually happening. We cannot recommend Dr Gudi and his team enough. Thank you Fertility Plus. Elizabeth and Olivier
We would like to thank and highly recommend Mr Gudi of Fertility Plus for being an amazing source of support and guidance as he walked us through our fertility journey. For every obstacle he had a solution or a plan to lead to, after our 18 month journey, our first IVF cycle which resulted in a positive result and a little bubba on its way. His pragmatic approach and personal manner has made us feel more than just patients or another couple going through infertility. We are truly grateful. Nothing was ever too much trouble- late appointments, weekend appointments, contacting him with the smallest concern or question he was always on hand.He was always honest in his opinions, with what might work and not and we really appreciated this as there were always realistic expectations from us.
Mon Nan
Mon N.
We have been in this journey for 7 years, tried several clinics all to no avail until we meet Doctor Gudi and his team, then it became a new day and a new beginning in our life. Our story changed from infertility to fertility. We had two successful trials through the help of Doctor Gudi and his team. He is such a wonderful person, target oriented and he is always very welcoming. I want to say a huge thank you to Doctor and his team for their support.
I would like to thank MR Gudi and his team . Me and my wife have had fantastic experience with him and his clinic . MR Gudi is extremely professional and knowledgeable and the hilarious way of his management made me and my wife successful . I wish him all the best and recommend him to everyone who needs help in fertility. He is numebr one
Farzad Shabani
Farzad S.
We were trying for a baby for 12years. When I met Dr Gudi I was very hopeless and broken from inside. At some point we give up. Then we decided to go for our treatment . But I was so confused about where to go as there are so many.A well known Dr from Aberdeen asked me to see Dr Gudi. And today me and my husband think ,meeting Dr Gudi has been the best decision we’ve ever made. From the beginning and throughout, Mr Gudi listened to our concerns and questions and through his analysis of our history and needs, used a very different approach for our treatment plan. I was very hopeless, he created a hope. And this year we welcome our baby boy. The appointments were made to suit our needs, and we can’t underestimate how this as well as listening to us, taking time to explain each step along the way and kindness from Mr Gudi and staff at Fertility Plus.Due to Mr Gudi’s expertise, honesty and sensitivity, we experienced a stress-free fertility treatment.Thank you so much Dr Gudi for helping us.Naznin
Naznin Akhtar
Naznin A.
As others have said, it is Mr Gudi's personalised care, continued optimism and search for solutions to challenges that really makes a difference to your fertility journey. I would highly recommend his services; I would have said that even before I became pregnant... but I'm now very pleased to say that his approach paid off, and I am expecting my first child.

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