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Meet Our Fertility Partners

Fertility Plus is supported by a broader team of experts to help provide holistic fertility care to all our patients.

Benjamin Cooper, Nutritional Therapist

Ben is a fully registered Nutritional Therapist having qualified with the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition.
Ben takes a holistic approach to his work with clients. Not only assessing their nutrition, but all other aspects of their lives and what could be contributing towards their unwanted symptoms. This approach is driven by the diversity of Ben’s education in nutrition, exercise and mental wellbeing.
Ben has spent almost 15 years working within the health industry. Notably, Ben first appreciated the complexity of the human body whilst lecturing aboard luxury cruise liners in Australasia. Ben spent a year lecturing on topics such as nutrition, detoxification and exercise physiology. Back on dry land Ben has spent the past 10 years in London implementing his holistic approach to human health with 100s of clients, each with their individual requirements.
Bens approach to fertility focuses on the details. Ben’s clients are usually doing everything they can to increase their own fertility, whereas Ben is able to look deeper at the underlying mechanisms and addressing those through diet, lifestyle and supplemental support. Ben utilises comprehensive hormonal tests such as the DUTCH test (Dried Urine test for comprehensive hormones) to assess his female client’s hormonal status, as well as how their bodies are metabolising hormones.
Ben has successfully helped clients with PCOS, PMS, going through IVF treatment and pregnancies through dietary optimisation, stress management strategies, nutritional deficiencies, as well as exercise and training methodology.

Ariela Margulies, Psychotherapist

Ariela is a registered UKCP psychotherapist, with over 10 years’ clinical experience, having completed the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Integrative psychotherapy at Regent’s University London. Over the course of her experience Ariela has worked in charities, a publicly funded treatment facility, and an institution of higher education, whilst maintaining a private practice.

As an integrative psychotherapist Ariela draws from several modalities namely that of the Psychodynamic and the Humanistic traditions as well as being influenced by Existential thought. Each client is an individual, and the approach reflects this core belief.

People involved in fertility treatments can often experience different types of pressure and stress, and may find themselves needing a non judgemental and private forum to explore how this impacts upon them, and their relationships. Ariela provides a safe space to explore and contain the emotions that emerge wherever a patient is on their fertility journey. This is especially pertinent in regard to experiences of loss.

Psychotherapy can offer the opportunity to understand how to initiate better regimens of self care whilst we may also explore methods with which to manage your anxiety; this is key to addressing stress on both body and mind.

Plant Based Health Online

Plant Based Health Online (PBHO) is the UK’s first CQC registered lifestyle medicine service. They use a lifestyle first approach to support clients to achieve their best health and optimise fertility outcomes. Co-founded by Dr Laura Freeman and Dr Shireen Kassam, Lifestyle Medicine Physicians, PBHO provides an individualised approach to support you to thrive.

PBHC is a a doctor-led team specialising in evidence-based nutrition and healthy habits shown to improve fertility. Expert dietitian Lisa Simon has supported many clients to improve their fertility and go on to have successful pregnancies. Lisa offers one to one consultations and group consultations for clients who value extra peer support.

PBHC and Fertility Plus work together to provide nutritional support to fertility patients to help enhance outcomes.

Dr Ashish Paul

Dr Ashish Paul is a qualified Ayurvedic Physician (BAMS- Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) and a Medical Herbalist (MSc Herbal Medicine). Dr Paul helps couples on their journey of parenthood by improving their fertility with ancient Ayurvedic Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine. Through utilising meditation, yoga and her NLP/hypnosis skills to achieve the desired outcome for patients. These therapies work with the natural rhythm of the body, treat the root cause of a problem, and have less adverse effects.

Her aim is to bring awareness to the holistic benefits of Ayurveda and the Western Herbal Medicine. She passionately speaks about protecting women’s health before and after having children. She educates people about the preventative methods to reduce the risk of diseases and live an optimally healthy life.

Dr Paul is a Master NLP/Hypnosis Practitioner. She teaches yoga and breathing techniques to all her patients.

Dr Vijay Murthy - Murthy Clinic

At the Murthy Clinic, Dr Vijay Murthy integrates 25 years of clinical experience in holistic and personalised health-care to offer transformational improvements in patients’ overall health and well-being.

Dr Murthy combines the most effective aspects of Ayurveda and Functional medicine, with special interest in gut-health, detoxification, chronic diseases and autoimmune conditions.

He promotes the use of herbs, healthy diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplements and stress management. In this way, he is able to provide scientific testing specifically directed on individual patient needs. He can welcome you in person, at The Murthy Clinic, or consult via any virtual platform you are comfortable with.

Dr Murthy, believes deeply in the mind-body connection, and how a personalised targeted approach can truly transform your health.

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