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IUI Success Rates

What Are The IUI Success Rates?

IUI success rates vary. In heterosexual couples, an IUI success rate is between 10 and 15% per cycle under the age of 35, between 36-39 the IUI success rate is approx. 10%. By the age of 40, the success rates with IUI vary declining with age to around 6-7%.

How Successful Is IUI On First Try?

The success rates of IUI vary. IUI in heterosexual couples under the age of 35, achieve a success rate between 10 and 15% per cycle, between 36 and 39 it is approximately 10%. Over the age of 40, the success rates with IUIvary with declining age from around 6-7%

Does The Success Rate Decrease With Each IUI?

Intrauterine insemination seemed to be successful between the third and the sixth treatment cycle. Beyond the sixth treatment cycle the chances of insemination being successful steadily declines.

Is There A Way To Increase The Chances Of IUI Success?

There are limitations to how the success rate of intrauterine insemination can be increased. The following factors can be considered:

  • Age: This continues to be the best indicator of success, younger women have higher success rates.
  • Follicle count: The higher the number of follicles could improve the chances of IUI though there is a risk of twins and triplets.
  • No of motile sperm: More than 5 million-10 million motile sperm also increase the chances of intrauterine insemination.
  • Sperm quality: Sperm with lower DNA fragmentation rate also have a better chance of success in intrauterine insemination.
  • Gynaecological factors: Presence of tube blocks or endometriosis reduces the chances of IUI success.

Is IVF More Successful Than IUI?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is less successful than IVF treatment. IVF operates on the logic that there are more follicles that are growing, more eggs may be available and a selection of embryos may be produced. That choice of embryos allows IVF to be more successful. Over the age of 44, intrauterine insemination and IVF seemed to have the same chance of success of less than 2% .

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