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Does Covid 19 Vaccine Reduce Female Fertility?

We are often asked if covid-19 vaccine reduces female fertility and whilst there were no trials specifically done on pregnant women, there is some evidence in trials to draw conclusions and it is reassuring.

In the article below, Viki Male, Lecturer in Reproductive Immunology at Imperial College London looks at the data available across the key covid-19 vaccines and it is reassuring.

Viki Male says, “In fact, multiple strands of evidence tell us that COVID vaccines do not reduce fertility. Pregnant people were not included in the first round of trials, and participants were asked to avoid becoming pregnant, but nonetheless a number of people became pregnant by accident. The accidental pregnancies occurred equally across the vaccinated and the unvaccinated groups, which tells us that vaccines did not prevent pregnancy. The people who became pregnant have been followed closely, and have had normal pregnancies”

For the latest data by Viki Male, please visit @vikiLovesFACS.

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