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What is the best drug to use in PCOS for IVF Stimulation?

Difficult embryo transfer: A unique solution

Lowering the risk of OHSS : the extended use of antagonist and Cabergoline

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL:): How much of a role does genetics play?

Threatened miscarriage – Does Progesterone Help ?

Does Caesarean section affect IVF Outcome?

Continuation of Clomiphene or add Gonadotrophin: does the endometrium give the answer?

Do Large Follicles Contain Eggs?

Follicular recruitment and the relationship between AFC and AMH: the Gudi triangle

Fluid in Endometrial Cavity

Impact of Age and aneuploidy: Is there an age cut off?

Contraceptive pill pretreatment before IVF: Yes or No?

Follicle Size & Euploidy

Letrozole in IVF: Does it increase egg numbers ?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): Is it just another fertility “add-on”?

Antagonist Timing & Agonist Trigger Timing: Is there an Ideal Time Interval?

The ‘Fertility Triangle’: Understanding Ovarian Function & Simplifying Stimulation

HCG support in Early Luteal Phase: Natural FET

Recurrent Implantation Failure – Do We Know The Cause & Incidence

Vaginal and Rectal Progesterone: How Effective Is It?

Does Low AMH = Poor response?

Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Miscarriage

Endometriosis and ART: To Suppress Or Not To Suppress

Fibroids & Fertility: A Review

CSD: Caesarean Section Scar Defect

Progestin Primed Ovarian Stimulation; PPOS

Update on Frozen Embryo Transfer Protocols 2020 and a Case Presentation on Thin Endometrium

Poor Responders; Hypo Responders; FORT, OSI and FOI

Covid-19 and Sperm

Endometrial Compaction Before ET and Heparin in IVF

Intrauterine Insemination With a Single Open Tube, What Are The Success Rates ?

Endometrial Receptivity and Selectivity: Tests That Improve Implantation

Premature Luteinization – A Challenge of IVF

Male Infertility Webinar – Clearing The Clutter

Repeated Egg Collection (Oocyte Retrieval) and AMH Levels

Twins After A Single Embryo Transfer

Intrauterine Insemination: Where Do We Go From Here?

IUI and IVF: What Do The Statistics Say?

What We Should Not Do With Endometriosis: Webinar

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