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How to Inject Suprecur

How to Inject Ovaleap – Follow Up Injection

How to Inject Ovaleap – First Use Injection

How to Inject Ovitrelle

How to Inject Fyremadel

Symptoms After Egg Collection

How to Inject Lubion

Does Covid Immunity Have Any Effect On Frozen Embryo Transfer?

What is the best drug to use in PCOS for IVF Stimulation?

Difficult embryo transfer: A unique solution

Lowering the risk of OHSS : the extended use of antagonist and Cabergoline

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL:): How much of a role does genetics play?

Threatened miscarriage – Does Progesterone Help ?

Does Caesarean section affect IVF Outcome?

Continuation of Clomiphene or add Gonadotrophin: does the endometrium give the answer?

Do Large Follicles Contain Eggs?

Follicular recruitment and the relationship between AFC and AMH: the Gudi triangle

Fluid in Endometrial Cavity

Impact of Age and aneuploidy: Is there an age cut off?

Contraceptive pill pretreatment before IVF: Yes or No?

Follicle Size & Euploidy

Letrozole in IVF: Does it increase egg numbers ?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): Is it just another fertility “add-on”?

Antagonist Timing & Agonist Trigger Timing: Is there an Ideal Time Interval?

The ‘Fertility Triangle’: Understanding Ovarian Function & Simplifying Stimulation

HCG support in Early Luteal Phase: Natural FET

Recurrent Implantation Failure – Do We Know The Cause & Incidence

Vaginal and Rectal Progesterone: How Effective Is It?

Does Low AMH = Poor response?

Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Miscarriage

Endometriosis and ART: To Suppress Or Not To Suppress

Fibroids & Fertility: A Review

CSD: Caesarean Section Scar Defect

Progestin Primed Ovarian Stimulation; PPOS

Update on Frozen Embryo Transfer Protocols 2020 and a Case Presentation on Thin Endometrium

Poor Responders; Hypo Responders; FORT, OSI and FOI

Covid-19 and Sperm

Endometrial Compaction Before ET and Heparin in IVF

Intrauterine Insemination With a Single Open Tube, What Are The Success Rates ?

Endometrial Receptivity and Selectivity: Tests That Improve Implantation

Premature Luteinization – A Challenge of IVF

Male Infertility Webinar – Clearing The Clutter

Repeated Egg Collection (Oocyte Retrieval) and AMH Levels

Twins After A Single Embryo Transfer

Intrauterine Insemination: Where Do We Go From Here?

IUI and IVF: What Do The Statistics Say?

What We Should Not Do With Endometriosis: Webinar

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