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Myo-inositol or Inositol Treatment in Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Myo-inositol treatment has been used for a significant number of years to cure polycystic ovaries. It is not a drug, but a nutritional supplement. What we know is that there is a role of Inositol in signalling of insulin, and a defect there may cause insulin resistance. There is some role of Inositol in human reproduction, and what we are aiming to see if a supplement of Myo-inositol may help improve outcome in polycystic ovaries.

There is some evidence in women with irregular periods with polycystic ovaries, giving Myo-inositol did improve the chance of menstrual cycles. There is a threefold increase vs placebo and slightly increased ovulation rates. Unfortunately, there was no change seen in pregnancy rates when they were compared with a placebo drug or with metformin, so at present we do not know whether Myo-inositol is helpful, but there seems to be some evidence to demonstrate that it helps in lowering the hormonal profile.

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