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Weight and Sperm Quality

A new study has found that overweight and obsess men showed a diminished quantity of sperm. Thus, suggesting that weight may also affect fertility in men. In a study done in California where 468 couple were studied, they found the sperm counts were lower among men who had bigger waists. Although the normal sperm volume ranged between to 2 and 5ml, overall have more sperm, a volume of less than 1.5ml may cause infertility. It was found that men with waists of more than 40ins had 22% lower sperm count than men with waists of less than 37ins.

The paper which is to be published in the journal of Human reproduction, also suggested that there is no link between sperm concentration, motility or vitality. What we do not know is, at present, is whether the reduction in body weight leads to improvement in the sperm count.

Amit Shah and Anil Gudi

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