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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Policy and Patient Recommendations

In line with government advice we are not offering face to face consultations at present.  However, video consultations are available.  If you would like a video consultation please contact us on +44 800 022 6038.  Video consultations can be helpful for patients, especially those with previously failed cycles and looking for another opinion.  Please note that normal consultation charges will apply.

General Covid-19 Advice to Patients

If you have travelled in the past 14 days from any Coronavirus affected country and/or have experienced coughing, sneezing, fever and shortness of breath, please stay indoors, self-isolate and contact the NHS on 111.

You will not be charged for any appointment which you cancel due to any symptoms with at least 24 hours notice.

As a clinic, we strongly recommend that you follow the Department of Health advice regarding hygiene and travel and self-isolate when needed. These policies, of course, may change on a daily basis.

After careful considerations based on safety, we recommend following to our patients undergoing treatment or planning a treatment cycle soon.

  1. We advise against starting any new treatments at this time.
  2. If you are in the middle of your treatment cycle, we strongly recommend that you avoid embryo transfer and instead freeze embryos or eggs.
  3. We also advise that you reschedule IUI treatments if possible.
  4. We advise patients travelling abroad for fertility treatments to look at travel and health advisory for those countries carefully.
  5. Lastly, we advise patients who are coming for initial consultations and follow up visits, to have a telephone or video consultation where possible to avoid unnecessary travel.
  6. If you have frozen embryos , we would recommend waiting for more time until more information is available for pregnant women in view of conflicting recommendation from multiple authorities and the Government designating pregnant women as high risk .

Data on pregnancy is not complete and more time may be needed to know the impact of Covid-19 and its treatment in pregnancy.

These are recommendations based on safety and precaution for yourselves and our staff. We believe that this to be a sensible and cautious approach.

Please see the latest advice from the British Fertility Society.

UK GOVT advice for Pregnancy

Guidance on social distancing for every in the UK and protecting vulnerable adults (Pregnant women).

Pregnant women have been recommended to be particularly stringent in following social distancing measures

What should you do if you have hospital and GP appointments during this period?

We advise everyone to access medical assistance remotely, wherever possible. However, if you have a scheduled hospital or other medical appointment during this period, talk to your GP or clinician to ensure you continue to receive the care you need and consider whether appointments can be postponed.

14 March 2020

Coronavirus Covid-19: ESHRE statement on pregnancy and conception

In view of the increasing incidence of infection from the coronavirus Covid-19 and widespread initiatives to limit its spread, ESHRE reaffirms its recommendation that Society members follow local and national government advice, particularly national daily advice updates, with compliance encouraged where feasible.

Pregnancy and conception

There is no strong evidence of any negative effects of Covid-19 infection on pregnancies, especially those at early stages, as indicated by the latest updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the USA and others in Europe.(1,2)

As a precautionary measure – and in line with the position of other scientific societies in reproductive medicine – we advise that all fertility patients considering or planning treatment, even if they do not meet the diagnostic criteria for Covid-19 infection, should avoid becoming pregnant at this time.

For those patients already having treatment, we suggest considering deferred pregnancy with oocyte or embryo freezing for later embryo transfer.

ESHRE further advises that patients who are pregnant or those (men and women) planning or undergoing fertility treatment should avoid travel to known areas of infection and contact with suspected indivi

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist Statement


Pregnant women do not appear to be more susceptible to the consequences of infection with COVID-19 than the general population. Data are limited but special consideration should be given to pregnant women with concomitant medical illnesses who could be infected with COVID-19 until the evidence base provides clearer information. There are no reported deaths in pregnant women at the moment.

Transmission to Fetus

Only one case of possible vertical transmission (transmission from mother to baby antenatally or intrapartum) has been reported in the literature. Expert opinion is that the fetus is unlikely to be exposed during pregnancy.

A case series published by Chen et al tested amniotic fluid, cord blood, neonatal throat swabs and breastmilk samples from COVID-19 infected mothers and all samples tested negative for the virus
Transmission is therefore most likely to be as a neonate. There is currently no evidence concerning transmission through genital fluids

Effect on the mother/symptoms

The large majority of women will experience only mild or moderate cold/flu like symptoms. Cough, fever and shortness of breath are other relevant symptoms. More severe symptoms such as pneumonia and marked hypoxia are widely described with COVID-19 in older people, the immunosuppressed and those with long-term conditions such as diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease.

Within the general population there is evolving evidence that there could be a cohort of asymptomatic individuals or those with very minor symptoms that are carrying the virus, although the incidence is unknown.

Effect on the fetus

There are currently no data suggesting an increased risk of miscarriage or early pregnancy loss in relation to COVID-19. Case reports from early pregnancy studies with SARS and MERS do not demonstrate a convincing relationship between infection and increased risk of miscarriage or second trimester loss.

As there is no evidence of intrauterine fetal infection with COVID-19 it is therefore currently considered unlikely that there will be congenital effects of the virus on fetal development.

There are case reports of preterm birth in women with COVID-19, but it is unclear whether the preterm birth was always iatrogenic, or whether some were spontaneous. Iatrogenic delivery was predominantly for maternal indications related to the viral infection, although there was evidence of fetal compromise and prelabour premature rupture of membrane, in at least one report.

British Fertility Society 16th March

Whilst there is much uncertainty around the progress of COVID- 19 in the UK, the advice for pregnant women is the same as for the general public. There do not appear to be extra precautions required

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