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Male Fertility Test

About 1/3 of the cases where couples are unable to conceive are due to male issues such as poor or absent sperm count, poor sperm motility, testicular problems, genetic problems and blockage along the sperm pathway.

Routine tests advised for men include semen analysis, testes ultrasound scan and hormonal blood tests, along with genetic tests from a blood sample. These can be conducted according to clinical need.

Sperm Freezing

We offer sperm freezing for patients.  Candidates for sperm freezing include:

  1. Men who are about to undergo surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy that may impair their future fertility.
  2. Men who have very few sperm or perhaps are producing sperm that show evidence of deterioration over time.
  3. Men who have difficulty producing a sample on the day of treatment and so banking some sperm in advance can overcome this difficulty.
  4. Surplus sperm obtained following surgical sperm retrieval (PESA/TESA)

Please make an appointment to see Mr. Shah or Mr. Gudi to discuss the techniques, costs, and any concerns regarding this treatment option.

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